Argosy Real Estate Partners is part of the Argosy Capital fund family, which has $950 million in assets under management.  Argosy invests in multifamily, commercial, lodging and residential opportunities throughout the United States. We partner with experienced operating partners to create value through the acquisition, development, repositioning, and/or recapitalization of real estate assets. Our strategy focuses on investment opportunities that require between $5-20 million of equity capital. We believe this lower middle market segment is underserved, as the equity size is often too large for syndications of high net worth investors and too small for larger institutional funds. We adopt a hands-on approach and target undervalued assets with high potential to enhance value at the operational level.

Opportunistic Investing in the Lower Middle Market

The core of our real estate investment strategy is to invest alongside experienced operating partners in properties with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection. Argosy seeks to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns by employing a disciplined investment approach with the objective of acquiring assets at fundamental low cost bases, managing downside risk, creating value at the asset level and maintaining multiple exit strategies.

Argosy seeks opportunistic investment opportunities in major U.S. markets where there is the potential to create value through renovation, repositioning, recapitalization, development and/or leasing. Our goal is to make investments that are less reliant on cap rate compression or financial engineering to generate yield, and therefore should be subject to a lesser degree of systemic risk. Argosy maintains close relationships with operating partners and local real estate professionals throughout the country, possesses a thorough understanding of real estate and capital markets, and seeks to maintain a disciplined investment approach.